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Decorative Stamped Asphal
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Decorative Stamped Asphalt
Ordinary asphalt is imprinted using a wire template configured as a grid pattern that replicates the look of hand laid brick. After the template is depressed into the asphalt, it is removed carefully. This process is repeated until completion. The final step is to apply a two-part epoxy coating system which protects the underlying asphalt, and simulates the color and texture of real brick.


What are the benefits over actual hand laid brick?

Asphalt has a continuous surface which inhibits weed growth, erosion, shifting problems associated with freeze, thaw and vehicle movement. The installation of decorative stamped asphalt is also much quicker and less labor intensive than hand laid brick, this results in a drastically lower cost. Also, because it is still an asphalt surface, it benefits from a greater durability over individual bricks.

All combinations of stencils are available with any of the colors offered.

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